The Lakeland Terriër Pedigree Database
The Lakeland Terriër Pedigree Database
the most comprehensive on the web
compiled by Jos Krabbe

Welcome to The Lakeland Terriër Pedigree Database.

It all started in the spring of 2011 during our holiday in Northern England with our youngest daughter and her husband. While enjoying some tea and scones, our conversation turned to dogs, Lakeland terriers to be specific. For as much as she liked the Kerry Blue terriers we had when she and her sister were still young, my daughter always said that if she were to get a dog it would have to be a Lakeland terrier. And since we would be visiting the English Lake District anyway, what would be the harm in stopping by the famous Oregill kennel of the Johnston family in Egremont?

One thing quickly led to another, and once back in her hometown Vancouver BC, she started looking for a local breeder in hopes of obtaining a Lakeland puppy. And in august of that same year, Jaz was born. A red Lakeland bitch, and the reason I started the Lakeland Terrier pedigree database. Now, just over nine years later, and with over 5000 dogs registered, the direct male line to the first registered Lakeland male - Sandy - is complete.